Mobile Robotics – Humanoids

Beginning fall 2010, the Mobile Robotics group at MCS lab benefits from humanoid robot ZERO (Fig. 1(a)). ZERO was entirely designed and implemented by Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara and transferred to campus Aguascalientes for research in dynamic walking. Since 2008, ZERO participates in the Robocup’s Soccer Humanoid League.The anthropomorphic walking robot ZERO has 21 degrees of freedom and is entirely actuated by servomotors that perform reliable torque and precise motion. It is lightweight (5.5 kg) and compact (height: 60 cm, width when arms closed: 33 cm). Fig. 1(b) details its 21-DOF structure.


Fig. 1(a)

Fig. 1(b)

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With this prototype we seek, in a first stage, to model several human-like movements such as standing, balance, bipedal walking and running. Then, a second stage will search to implement these models and their control strategies in the prototype. Finally, a third stage will focus on the design and implementation of computer vision algorithms for object recognition.

The walking model adopted for robot ZERO is based on controlling the trajectory of its center of mass. The following videos show two simulations that illustrate this concept.





This video shows the first attempts in standing, walking, and object recognition.






Contact: Efrain Hernández and Ramiro Velázquez