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Mobile Robotics – Ground Robots

The Mobile Robotics group at MCS lab designs and develops all-terrain autonomous/remote controlled mobile robots that are able to conduct real-time task-specific actions in hazardous environments for a wide range of applications (space exploration, reconnaissance, security, surveillance, education, entertainment, etc.).The group has successfully developed several wheeled and legged prototypes. The group is also involved in supervising students for robotics competitions.

 Recent Prototypes 


(Intelligent Vehicle with Autonomous Navigation)


An holonomic differential drive vehicle of 80 kg weight driven by two high-power electrical motors, achieves up to 20 km/hr speeds.

Navigation mode : autonomous (camera & ultrasonic sensors) and remote controlled.

Year: 2008.



A small all-terrain fully-electric wheeled vehicle of 60 kg weight, achieves up to 30 km/hr speeds.

Navigation mode: remote controlled.

Year: 2007.




A battle tank-like fully-electric holonomic robot of 60 kg weight capable of achieving 20 km/hr speeds.

Navigation mode: remote controlled.

Year: 2006.



 Past Prototypes  
 Max RDPrototipoCosmo_Montreal

Pneumatic actuated walking machines

 Student Competitions/Projects 


has taken 5 th place in the XII IEEE National Minirobotics Contest – Sumo wrestling category (Queretaro, Mexico, April 2007), beating over 90 Mexican competitors.

To watch Yaotl on YouTube, click here !

Bio-inspired mini-tetrapod actuated by 8 servomotors. Exhibits stable locomotion even in presence of external perturbations. Achieves up to 0.076 m/s speeds (i.e. 1 m in 13 s).

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