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Lateral Motion Pin Device for Tactile Communication

This project introduces a new concept of tactile display based on lateral motion of the contact pins. Unlike traditional tactile devices where pins are arranged in an array and move upwards/downwards, a single row of pins moves laterally on a rail to display tactile information as in a 2D matrix. The advantage of this concept is that a row of N actuators can display some information that has been traditionally done with a matrix of N x N actuators. An electromechanical actuator based on miniature DC motors has been designed and implemented to create such lateral motion.




Further reading:

Velázquez (R.) and Gutiérrez (S.), New Test Structure for Tactile Display using Laterally Driven Tactors, 2008 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2008.

Contact: Sebastián Gutiérrez and Ramiro Velázquez